Ceiling Speaker Warehouse is the leading stockist of high quality speakers for ceilings and walls.In-ceiling speakers give a fashionable look to your home, business or commercial property. There are several renowned brands of ceiling speakers that we stock which you can choose from including POLK AUDIO, YAMAHA, KEF and MONITOR AUDIO and different designs and models that will interest you. Our team can help you decide on the right products and advise on amplifiers and other accessories you may require.

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Our ceiling speakers can be installed on the wall or on the ceiling. You don’t have to worry about sound quality when you buy our in-ceiling speakers or in-wall speakers because they provide the same impeccable quality as floor speakers. Perhaps you’re after discreet water-resistant ceiling speakers for the toilet, bathroom, kitchen or sauna ceiling. If you want a complex surround sound system, we have some very good options available to you.

Ceiling Speaker Warehouse is the leading stockist of high quality speakers for ceilings and walls. Ceiling Speaker Warehouse supply discreet ceiling and wall speakers that provide high quality sound at the best prices. Our ceiling speakers can be concealed, flush to the ceiling or wall. Our range of water-resistant speakers makes them suitable for shower rooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Choose Bluetooth or Wifi connectable ceiling speakers, built-in amplifier speakers. A selection of amplifiers to suit all of our speakers are available if a full system is required.


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